Data Ductus has a long history of advanced mobile solutions in Telecom and IT. We are certified development partners for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Mobile applications are a part of the cloud, they provide the ability for users to utilize power, storage and access functions when necessary. Just the words ”when necessary” is exactly the difference between the cloud and the Internet, simplified, one could express the cloud with the following expression: ”you get what you pay for”, the same can not be said of the Internet. And the trend is clear – mobile services through mobile applications has never been more present in the market than right now – it’s the fastest growing way users interact with new services today.

There are many different techniques to clouding applications, such as by ensuring that the application being developed is built according to the HTML 5 standard or rewriting the applications developed with its original language. You can also combine using the existing code and provide a mobile application interface. The existing code can then develop into all mobile system branches – this way you avoid unnecessary maintenance and lowers the cost of the application.

Typical areas suitable for mobile applications:

Mobile Communications: Development of standards and formats of communication between different systems.
Mobile Business Systems: Tools for effective planning, work and reporting, automated means the handling, collection and collation of data.
Mobile Enterprise Systems: From small parts of an existing enterprise systems to complete solutions – this use to be considered very hard to accomplish as a mobile application, references to inadequate security, performance and the need for larger screen was some of the drawbacks then, now days this is history introducing tablet computers like Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Playbook etc..

We offer integration with open tools such as OpenERP, SugarCRM, Magneto, Pentaho and Alfresco.

If you are looking for help to start your own mobile development department in one of the above areas, boosting resources and projects you are running at the moment, learn how to work effectively through agile methods adapted for mobile development then Ductus can help you. The same applies if you seek help with building systems, test, control and monitoring applications, adapting your current services to the cloud, communicating with social and interactive networks.