Ductus has extensive experience in the field of “Machine-to-Machine” (M2M), which refers to technologies that allow devices in the field to communicate data to other devices or a central system. For example, a device such as a sensor, to capture an event, such as temperature or level, conveyed via a network (wireless, cable, or hybrid) for a program (software) that translates the received data into meaningful information.

We have thus helped several companies in areas such as process, mining, transport/logistic- and security industry to develop and streamline their business. Data Ductus expertise extends throughout the value chain, from machine-oriented hardware and software for communications and server systems. Not infrequently, it is about combining the customer’s existing technologies with new, our experience of system integration to ensure effective integration. In addition to the technical, we can also offer services in strategic development and business development.

Some examples of completed projects:

  • Measurement of power consumption on the socket level, as visualized and trended on iPhone or Android
  • Protecting the value shipments, depending on the position of the vehicle allow the rack with bags unlocked, the ban on backtracking and alarm route deviations
  • Temperature and CAN bus measurement
  • Control of drying kilns, scheduling, and autonomous control of lighting indoors and outdoors, linking logistics and flight deck / MobiLast etc.
  • Autonomous monitoring via specially adapted handsets (with the example applications that handle the SLA and report trends and errors).

In addition to traditional consulting, Ductus also offers a service concept called Crossbreed. This is a unique offering that takes the “data management” and the development of value added services to a new level. This concept focuses onthe functional and business aspects of M2M, rather than technology. Our unique methodology and technology puts the userat the center through a direct conversion of engineered “use case” to services.