Ductus has established a quality assured hosting service as well as service desk offering, to be able to offer a complete after-sales solution for our customers. We have cutting edge expertise within virtualization (e.g., VMware, EMC and Citrix) to provide world class Network Management Solutions.

Whether you need help with hosting your network or need a Service Desk taking care of your environment (internally or externally) Ductus can assist.


Ductus has years of experience in traditional IT services but are now well equipped to take our customers to a truly Software Defined Data Center solution. We know how to plan and deploy physical networks both outdoor and indoor as well as virtual systems. We offer a flexible and scalable solution with the highest level of security and can arrange data storage in your own private cloud (Sweden).

Our partnership with VMware gives us a great opportunity to assist with services around their strong and well known portfolio.


Your customer expects high level support with experienced and speedy feedback. Ductus can take care of your needs from integrating all of your relevant systems for best ticket management, to providing the actual Service Desk personnel, preferable integrated with your business. We believe that a Service Desk can be cost efficient, competent and well prepared coexisting with your business.


Do you need a second opinion on your infrastructure? Security, performance or monitoring issues? Ductus can perform reviews and audits to help you find bottlenecks or network vulnerabilities.