Management & Orchestration Solutions

Transformation and Migration into a virtualized world is happening right now. Equipment Providers, Service Providers ranging from big telecoms to startups are all taking part in this huge transformation.

Deliver and monitor End-to-End (E2E) services in a mixed physical and virtualized network require new approaches as well as excellent understanding of the legacy systems. Based on our experience, Data Ductus is the best choice to guide the customer in how to orchestrate their E2E services in a mixed Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks (NFV/SDN), regardless of underlying technology.


System Development & Integration

System Development and Integration has been the core business of Ductus from the beginning. We have supported both multi-national equipment providers and small companies with everything from requirement collections to turn-key projects. Ductus provides software development, project management, system design, and integration expertise in a wide range of technologies.



Machine-to-Machine is the technology that enables any kind of device to communicate with another. This opens up for a whole new world of exciting possibilites. Our latest project in this field is within smart homes that makes it possible to use our homes more efficiently and save energy.


Mobile & Web Applications

Ductus has a long history of advanced mobile solutions in Telecom and IT. We are certified development partners for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phones.



Ductus has established a quality assured hosting service as well as service desk offering, to be able to offer a complete after-sales solution for our customers. We have cutting edge expertise within virtualization (e.g., VMware, EMC and Citrix) to provide world class Network Management Solutions.


  • We are passionate about what we do.

  • We are flexible in finding the right solution for the client.

  • We build long-term partnerships through openness and mutual trust.

  • ”Client first” is our mindset. Helping our clients succeed is how we define our own success and this is is why they return to us.

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