E.ON – a leading electric utility service provider


E.ON’s Smart Home service regulates and controls power supply and energy usage for customers. It is done by means of a smart electricity meter. Customers can take control of and manage their consumption, and also monitor their energy consumption in monetary terms via a display in real time. The challenge was to integrate E.ON’s own IT infrastructure with a number of external data sources, which it would also be possible to change over time. E.ON wanted a flexible solution, which did not tie them to individual suppliers.

What we did

The solution which Data Ductus developed is based on a platform called Crossbreed. The platform makes E.ON independent of individual service suppliers and enables rapid development of new services within E.ON Smart Home. Furthermore, the opportunity is available to weave together several different services, modify services and create new overall services in Smart Home.



Case #3: M2M platform for E.ON’s Smart Home Service